Friday, December 30, 2011

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Hi guys!
I haven't posted in awhile.
I've been working WAYYYYY too much.

My job I spend half of the time working in the main pharmacy. We fill all of the medicines for everyone in the hospital, so I put what the doctors order into the computer. I check and make sure all of the IVs are being made correctly and that everything gets up to the floor for the nurses.

The other half of the time, I am up on the floors looking at charts, making sure people are getting the right antibiotics, and adjusting people's meds based on their age and kidney function. Usually people have to spend more time in post graduate training to do that, so it's exciting that I get to work on the floors as part of my job!! It also means that I have a lot to learn! The last two weeks I was up on the floors by myself for the first time. My coworkers are good at helping me, but I am sooooo sleepy.

We have a family practice residency program, and normally there is a pharmacist dedicated to helping them with their patients. She was gone this week, so I got a lot of extra questions from the resident doctors! (Unfortunately my favorite cute resident wasn't on service AND he has a girlfriend. booooooo!) I'm off this weekend, and I'm so glad to have a break!!

Christmas was great. I got a new TV and one of these:

I didn't ask for a Wii, so I'm really excited. Right now I have Paper Mario. Let me know if you know of any fun games! I want to get a few extra controllers and a fun multiplayer game. There's a Mario baseball game that looks fun.

I also ordered myself a Christmas present:

If you use the coupon code HOLIDAY on, you get $20 off right now. There's also free shipping over $50, so I ordered myself the liter bottle of Creme De Corps. EEEEEEEK. splurge :-)

I also got myself an OPI gift set at ULTA with mini bottles of their most popular colors!

I probably should end my beauty shopping spree soon!!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend. HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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  1. That's really cool that you get to work on the floors without doing a residency! I love that nail polish pack, it looks like it has some great colors! Happy new year!